Cowichan Valley ‘Before I Die’ wall is about facing future, decisions

You’ve heard of the bucket list. What about a ‘Before I Die’ wall?

You’ve heard of the bucket list. What about a ‘Before I Die’ wall?

The Cowichan Valley Hospice Society is taking that idea around to various events this year.

It’s all about facing your future and making some decisions.

What is truly important to you? Are you brave enough to write it publicly?

Cowichan’s first Before I Die wall was set up on May 1 at the annual Hike for Hospice, and people were given the chance to share their hopes and dreams.

According to Hospice’s executive director Gretchen Hartley, “The wall stimulated some very interesting replies to Before I Die. [People wanted to] travel the world, visit Newfoundland, meet my grandbabies, learn to hang glide, know my boys have grown to be good men.

“It was interesting to see that younger people mentioned adventures they would like to have, while older people were often reflecting on relationships with family and friends.”

The Cowichan Before I Die wall eventually will join more than 200 others in over 30 countries written in 10 languages. For more information, check out

For more information about the Cowichan wall, contact Cowichan Hospice at 250-701-4242 or