Cowichan Valley school trustees dump hump day

School board meetings are moving to Tuesdays.

After many years of holding its sessions on Wednesdays, moving the meeting times back and forward to try to find a way to please everyone, the Cowichan Valley’s trustees decided on Jan. 7 to dump hump day altogether.

Board chair Candace Spilsbury said that time conflicts were the cause of the reexamination of the schedule.

"Several other governments in the area meet on Wednesdays and by changing we could avoid most of them," she said. Trustee Rob Hutchins, for instance, serves on the Cowichan Valley Regional District board as well and their sessions are held Wednesdays.

In addition, at least one of the board’s partner groups was finding Wednesday a tough day to schedule, she added. In addition to changing to Tuesdays, the trustees will now hold one official board meeting a month on the first Tuesday plus one monthly committee of the whole meeting on the third Tuesday.

The idea of regular committee of the whole sessions is new to the school district but other jurisdictions, such as North Cowichan municipal council, hold them on a regular basis.

And, according to Spilsbury, "the idea was promoted" at the recent BC School Trustees Association meetings.

The whole idea of such a meeting – which would be open to the public – is to be able to schedule delegations and bring in experts.

"We could consider ideas at more length," she said. "It also gives us much more flexibility."

The first-ever committee of the whole session will be held in the board room Tuesday, Jan. 20 with the first of the rescheduled board meetings held on Tuesday, Feb. 3. Both sessions will begin at 4 p.m.