The CVRD has released its first annual report. (File photo)

The CVRD has released its first annual report. (File photo)

CVRD releases first annual report

Report lays out progress made in achieving objectives

The Cowichan Valley Regional District has released the regional government’s first Annual Report.

The 2016 Annual Report provides a summary of major initiatives that were undertaken throughout the past year and describes the progress made on achieving objectives set out in the regional and electoral area strategic focus areas.

The report also contains financial information as presented through the 2016 financial statements.

“The preparation of the annual report supports one of the board’s strategic focus areas to better engage with our communities.” said CVRD chairman Jon Lefebure.

“As a board, we felt it was important to share with the community the key priorities for our term of office and to report on our achievements.”

The 2016 Annual Report is available on the CVRD’s website at