CVRD says no to outdoor storage for Sheret store

Andrew Sheret Holdings will not be allowed to develop outdoor storage at their business on Chaster Road just outside Duncan.

The business recently moved to the location and applied for a zoning variance to allow them to store stock outside of the building on the property.

The issue was contentious with some of Sheret’s neighbours.

Dir. Loren Duncan explained that at a public meeting the business did not have the support of the neighbourhood.

"There’s no point in going to a public hearing," he stated, saying that directors must listen when the public is delivering an overwhelming "no".

Dir. Mel Dorey voted against turning down the application.

"This is a fine, upstanding business," he said, arguing that the CVRD spends thousands of dollars each year to encourage economic development but "we continue to shoot down business in other ways."

Dir. Ian Morrison argued that it’s not a question of supporting economic development. It’s about people knowing what the zoning is and moving ahead in contravention anyway, or attempting to change it. But the neighbours must be taken into consideration.

"It’s just not the right place for this," said Morrison.