A dangerous hazard awaits unaware tubers at the “Horseshoe Bend” area of the Cowichan River. (Submitted)

A dangerous hazard awaits unaware tubers at the “Horseshoe Bend” area of the Cowichan River. (Submitted)

Danger: tree across Cowichan River near Horseshoe Bend

RCMP and SAR are warning tubers to watch out for a tree fallen across the river at Horseshoe Bend

Cowichan Search and Rescue has applied for permission from the province to remove a giant tree from the Cowichan River at “Horseshoe Bend.”

The massive fallen tree was found over the weekend and poses an extreme hazard to tubers and river users alike.

“The tree has fallen around a bend that will make it entirely hidden from tubers until it is too late,” said SAR officials on Facebook, while urging their followers to share the post. “[It] poses a life-threatening entrapment risk.”

The “Horseshoe Bend” area of the Cowichan River is located near the end of Mayo Road by the group campsites.

“The only way to safely navigate through this area is to get out on the right-hand side of the river and walk around on the rocks,” said Cowichan SAR swift-water team leader Shauneen Nichols. “The tree is around the corner and not visible until it’s too late to get out of its way.”

Special permission is required to remove anything natural from a BC River so the search and rescue group needs to get the go-ahead before the hazard can be dealt with appropriately.

BC Parks, the Lake Cowichan Fire Department and the Lake Cowichan RCMP are all aware of the situation as are the local tube shops in the area.

The message is being spread around social media in the hopes that would-be river users will either get out of the river before the hazard or find a different section of the river to tube in entirely.