David Slade has no financial stake in solar energy push

Duncan – This weekend, I had occasion to exchange emails and speak with David Slade on the telephone.

You may recall that David penned a “Special to the Citizen” on solar energy in the April 29 edition, which I rebutted in my letter that appeared in The Citizen’s May 6 number.

I find that Mr. Slade and I agree on a number of points and that I was quite incorrect to suggest that he had a financial connection to installing panels here in the Cowichan. He is a strong proponent of solar but has advised me that he has absolutely no financial stake in any solar installations aside from the ones on his barn roof.

I apologize, David, such being the case, I was clearly off-side and happily withdraw my comment. You are doing many good things in our Valley; your sentiments and efforts are to be commended.

L.M. Thomson