David Suzuki is an environmental hypocrite

Duncan – Re: Cultural Paradigm shift taking country by storm (Dec. 24).


It is the height of irony that people are believing what David Suzuki has to say, when he is one of the greatest environmental hypocrites of all time.


The man has made a fortune manipulating people into giving him money by scaring them about the environmental apocalypse being upon us, while living a lavish one-percenter lifestyle with more than one house to his name and extensive air travel that makes the average person’s "carbon footprint" seem insignificant by comparison.


I’d rather listen to Patrick Moore, former founding member of Greenpeace.


Do environmental/peace activists know how to frame questions in ways that aren’t loaded, or riddled with logical fallacies? Honestly, nobody is for dirty water, dirty air, or dirty food. Particularly the question about war vs. peace is worded as a fallacy of false choice.


Of course all these questions are framed in a manipulative way to guide the reader into accepting whatever the author is proposing.


The problem is, what is proposed isn’t necessarily valid or even helpful, and may actually be counterproductive in the real world.


Research "energy poverty" and its effect on the poor, and even the middle class, as a result of mandating more expensive "green" energy, for instance. So much for the idea that implementing the enviro-agenda will result in "greater standards of living".


Some people say religion is a fairy tale which was only invented to control people. The same people often don’t see that the religion of environmentalism, particularly when fudged data is produced to support it, behaves in that exact manner, particularly when dealing with "heretics".


April J. Gibson