Don’t punish everyone for the mess of a few

Chemainus – Regarding removal of recycling bins.

I am not one who would call another person’s intelligence less than that of a door knob, but doesn’t this completely go against what we have been doing for years? We knew the pitfalls when we started these projects. We accepted them. We don’t punish the masses for the misdeeds of the few. That is just justifying wrong.

Why would we hire whiners and complainers in the first place if they can’t do the job properly that they have been paid extra to do well for us? Maybe we, the employers, should be thinking of removing a few door knobs completely.

And now we have security guards where the mighty recycle bins once sat.

I am still interested in recycling at a local level all my small items of metal, plastic, paper and glass. And maybe a few door knobs too.

David Wyllie