Drinkwater/Lane roundabout a waste

Duncan – DISBELIEF on hearing that a roundabout was mooted for the Lane Road/Drinkwater intersection. DISMAY on hearing it was true!

I use this intersection a lot and have never found any problem with it. Nor has my wife.

Any supposed problem is going to be a driver. Not the roads.

Conversely, the Lane Road/Sherman junction can be trying at times. Still no reason to build an enormously expensive roundabout there either.

The function of roundabouts is primarily to keep traffic moving. The U.K. has thousands of them and, without which, traffic there would come to a halt.

It seemed appropriate then, to seek an answer from the Cowichan office as to the why? We were given this by a member of the engineering office.

He told us that there had been several complaints from residents on Drinkwater, that cars were travelling down that road at too great a speed and the council, in their wisdom, (I would not think this word appropriate) had decided that such a roundabout would SLOW the traffic.

So, a simple half million dollar “solution” to an amazing and questionable problem.

Such wanton waste of money is beyond my belief. Just in case it is suggested that other parties are paying some of it, that is our tax money too.

Recent letters have bemoaned the increase in property taxes. Not too difficult to decide the cause and wonder where they will go next year.

Incidentally, there is a new roundabout at the top of Drinkwater.

On the numerous times I have used it, it has been a very lonely place.

I once saw two other vehicles but usually, I had it to myself. What did that cost and why?

I will take a greater interest in the next elections than hitherto.

F.W. Knox