Drunken swimmers prompt patrols

Recent reports of disruptive and dangerous behaviour at one of Port Alberni’s most popular swimming holes has resulted in regular police patrols this summer.

RCMP have announced they will be giving closer attention to alcohol consumption at the Paper Mill Dam. An RCMP release from last week mentions a “number of irresponsible revellers” who have been abusing alcohol at the dam. Over the last two weeks police have dealt with incidents of fighting, public drinking, intoxication, impaired driving and other disturbances.

“In recent weeks police have responded to 11 calls for service at the dam, and at the root of each of those situations gone wrong was the abuse of liquor,” stated Cpl. Jen Allan of the Port Alberni RCMP. “Responsible folks are coming to enjoy themselves at this beautiful spot and they have to deal with misbehaving drunks who jeopardize their safety – that’s completely unacceptable.”

Insp. Mac Richards of the local police detachment noted that any alcohol consumption outside of a private home or licensed venue is illegal.