Dumping must be stopped until proven 100 per cent safe

Cobble Hill – During some recent down time I perused a few of the back issues of your paper I had stacked by the end table.

I was mildly surprised to see the article reporting the interview with the owners of SIA and their response to the contaminated soil dumping.

A lot of their points were thought-out but one comment by the SIA’s consulting engineer, David Mitchell, jumped out at me and caused me more than a little concern.

Mr. Mitchell concludes this rock is basically impermeable, that water isn’t flowing through it to any significant extent, is supported by there not being a big pond in the quarry.

I live in this electoral area. In the past weeks we have had a large snowfall and several heavy rainfalls, one of almost a 24-hour duration. I still have standing water in my fields and garden area.

If the SIA site has no water flowing in, then no water should be flowing out and there definitely should be a large pond on his site.

If no water is evident, then the water must be leaching from the impermeable site, leading to me to disbelieve anything presented from the SIA side of the equation.

After this article, I can no longer straddle the fence. It is apparent that until the issue can be “proven” to be 100 per cent safe with facts and scientific evidence not to pose a danger to ground water, dumping of contaminated soils must be stopped.

Dave Woudstra

Cobble Hill