Duncan council not ones who are ill-informed

Lake Cowichan – Re: letter “Few concerned about climate change” by Mark Williams.

I have never read as myopic and ill-informed a rendering of what is in fact the most important environmental issue of our time. You seem unable to read the innumerable contributions to ipcc reports documenting the reality of anthropogenic climate change.

In the first place, please provide that list of contrarian so-called scientists disputing the reality of climate change – of course including their qualifications.

In the second place, please list those surveys you claim that nobody on the planet seems to be concerned about this issue – seems to me you are nothing but a cherry picker.

And please itemize those socalled billions of dollars being “…funneled down the climate change rat hole…” Please compare with the real billions that have been subsidizing the automobile/oil company/big business interests for decades now.

In summary I would suggest that you go back and hide under your rock, worry about the economy, as it is going to have to deal with mitigating/adapting to the effects of climate change, high taxes which will have to pay for that mitigation/adaptation, high insurance premiums to cover damages resulting from climate change, and whatever you define as “…real pollution”.

If anybody is highly irresponsible, totally unreasonable, and ill-informed on an issue of vital importance to the planet not to mention my future grandchildren, it is not the Duncan city council sir…rather it is you.

K.S. (Kaz) Kojder

Lake Cowichan