Duncan digs in for Area E race

Loren Duncan brings 15 years of experience to the table in his bid to represent Area E at the Cowichan Valley Regional District board table.

Duncan has announced that he will once again run for the seat in the municipal elections this fall.

"I think there are some things that are not done yet that I’d like to see completed," he said, and "I enjoy it."

He believes his experience will help when the Area E official community plan, last looked at 1994, is opened up for review in the coming term.

Duncan said he thinks most of it still looks good, but there’s some "spring cleaning" to do.

"I would like to be there and involved with that. It’s a pretty broad process; a lot of community input, community involvement and community members participating," he said.

Another project he’d like to see come to fruition is the completion of a greenway across Sahtlam from Riverbottom Road to Highway 18.

Duncan has been acclaimed as director on several occasions, but thinks that this time there may be some challengers. He’s ready to get out and do some door-knocking.

One of the things he will be promoting on the doorstep is a "yes" vote to the referendum question about whether or not the area should make a financial contribution to the Cowichan Sportsplex.

It’s a cause Duncan heartily endorses.