Duncan’s hospital staff wonderful

Duncan – On April 30 I had to go to emergency at the Cowichan hospital in Duncan.

We are recently moved to Duncan just last July. I would like, through your paper, which we look forward to always, to thank all the good people who took such great good care of me. I had a gallbladder surgery that night. From the moment I was taken in the nurses, the doctor on duty, the support staff and specialists were all so kind and caring.

What a great place if one is sick. I was treated so well and would like to say thank you to everyone there. You are simply the best.

The only complaint I had was not the hospital’s fault, just one of those terrible badmannered things we put up with these days.

A young man in the next bed talking on a cell phone incessantly from 7:15 a.m. until lights out at night.

We really need to get a book written on cell phone etiquette. A sick bed is not somewhere one wants to hear the details of another person’s life; however I was released soon enough that I didn’t go quite mad.

Again, thank you to all you great people working in our hospital. Your job is really a calling.

Eileen Robertson