Early arrival for Valley’s first baby of the new year

It came as a complete surprise to Shawnigan Lake mom and dad Samantha Fairfield and Blair Wallace that their daughter, Kinsley Ann Wallace, was the Cowichan Valley’s New Year’s Baby for 2014.

For one thing, she wasn’t born until late in the day: 7:49 p.m., to be precise.

"I was a little shocked that there wasn’t another baby born yet," Fairfield said.

For another thing, Kinsley Ann wasn’t expected for another few days. She wasn’t due until Jan. 6. And Fairfield had just made the drive to the Cowichan District Hospital the day before, suffering from the flu. "I went home, my water broke, and that was it," she recalled.

Labour started around 10 a.m. on Jan. 1, and while it lasted nearly 10 hours, Fairfield said the whole experience was "pretty easy."

"The actual pushing part was about 20 minutes," Wallace noted.

Kinsley, who weighed in at eight pounds and one ounce, will benefit from having all her grandparents in the Cowichan area, as well as big brother Mason, who turns three in March.

While Mason had to wait to get a glimpse of his new sister because of mom’s illness, he was definitely looking forward to it.

"He is excited to meet the new baby," Fairfield said.