Easier way to do Sportsplex survey

Lake Cowichan – In the Cowichan Valley Citizen of May 16 there is an invitation to take an online survey regarding long term funding of the Cowichan Sportplex. Although the CVRD web address is given, the survey itself is rather difficult to find.

I had a hell of a time trying to find it, but finally found it by entering “survey” in the search block in the top righthand corner of the CVRD webpage. Later on I found out that the survey could more easily be accessed at the following webpage: www.surveymonkey. com/s/SportsplexSurvey

In addition, the invitation article stated that copies of the survey are available at the CVRD office building at 175 Ingram St. Why aren’t they also available at the municipal offices of the other municipalities which are part of the CVRD? In the survey, it is claimed that on average 540 persons use the facility every day. That amounts to 197,100 individual visits per year. So instead of charging the general population, most of whom do not use the Sportsplex, why not charge the users of the facilities an additional dollar per visit.

Hubert Crevels

Lake Cowichan