ECE teachers should support the ongoing teachers strike

Cowichan Bay – I am a local family daycare owner and I have been in the business for about 25 years.

I believe that all ECE teachers that work with children should be supporting this teachers strike!

And I also believe that this would make a huge impact with everyone involved! Being an ECE teacher also has important roles and our job is just as important as being a school teacher.

We are in this because we all love children and want to teach and guide them, give them the best start to life and help them prepare for school and to fit into society.

If we want to consider ourselves as teachers and step away from being called glorified babysitters and get the respect we deserve maybe this is the time we stand up for ourselves, as ECE teachers, and stand by the teachers, and support them, as we’re all in this for the kids’ best interests.

Just a thought, as I know all daycares need to be on board but I do believe this would help make an impact and it would also make a statement.

That us ECE teachers are just that – teachers too!

Connie Smith

Cowichan Bay