Education has deteriorated

Saltair – The fact that education today is less edifying to its recipients than that of yesteryear is largely attributable to teachers of the 80s and 90s who drove a bus called Education 2000.

Ed 2000 was intended to create a system in which exams were not to be emphasized – indeed, eliminated – for fear they would cause angst amongst low achievers. Students were “streamed” from one grade to the next without “passing” or satisfying any basic standard of achievement. How such low achievers were to deal with underachievement once having graduated was not contemplated.

This has resulted in many high school, college and university graduates that cannot spell, cannot design a grammatically correct sentence, cannot add or subtract, let alone make change, without a computer. Even with computers providing answers on demand to questions, required essays and calculations – where are these folks when they have to think for themselves? Answer: unless they simply suffer the consequences of their inability, someone has to amend their work for them – be it editorial or arithmetic/mathematic.

With over 40 years of HR experience I see the changes: it is like “night and day” – or perhaps more correctly: like “day” then “night”.

Perhaps it is time to sever teachers from most aspects of education save for accepted methods of instruction and leave course development and methodology to experts in each field of study.

Pat Mulcahy