Egg stand thief will not ruin it for everyone

Duncan – We live on a quiet street in North Cowichan and have been putting our eggs out for sale on a small farm stand at the end of the road.

We put the eggs in a cooler and there is a small wooden cash box with a padlock on it nailed to the table for people to put their payment in. I pick the cooler and cash up each night, and put it out again the next morning. This has worked wonderfully well for the past two months.

Last night I went down an hour or so later than usual; the cooler and cash box had both been stolen, but the frozen water bottles I put in the cooler to keep the eggs cool had been taken out and left on the table. I think that’s the thing that annoyed me the most – the thief took the time to take the bottles out of the cooler and leave them on the table.

We will be putting our eggs out again for sale as for the most part, people have been very honest about paying, and have even been leaving their egg cartons for us – which we greatly appreciate.

I just wanted to let people know that among our friends and neighbours are some really nasty pieces of work who just want to spoil things for everyone. Thank you to all our customers, screw you to the thief.

Sue Ryan Duncan