Electric scooters posing traffic hazard

Duncan – There is an elderly gentleman in Duncan who is very lucky to be alive right now and the worst thing is he probably doesn’t know it.

This Thursday afternoon I was turning right onto Ypres from Coronation Avenue when I was faced with an electric scooter coming towards me on my side of the road. With inches to spare I swung wide into the oncoming lane, which was fortunately empty, and missed the gentleman. If there had been an oncoming vehicle or I had turned the corner a little tighter I would not be writing this letter to the paper, I would be writing to my lawyer. My mother who is 94 sat shocked in my passenger seat as she watched him drive past, totally oblivious to my concern, as if he had every right to be there.

What on earth was he thinking? Bad enough if he had been going with the traffic but to face it, at a busy intersection – words fail me. Then there is the fact there is a sidewalk at this location which he had decided not to use. Why? Is it really worth risking your life rather than having to navigate the curb?

Let’s put some sort of licence on these motorized vehicles.

Over the last week or so there have been several accidents reported in the news that involve seniors on electric scooters.

If today is anything to go by I think we need to seriously look at some form of regulation. We take away an incompetent aging person’s licence to drive a car yet still allow them drive an electric scooter.

It took me some time to get over the shock and I am still very angry at the gentleman for his recklessness and inconsideration.

So if you know of an aging person, maybe even a loved one, with one of these scooters be sure they are competent enough to be allowed out on the street. Because if they aren’t, then you are signing their death warrant.

Sue Coleman