Elley’s political leanings no secret

Crofton – In reply to P. Wardell’s attack on Mr. Elley’s political credentials this is absolutely old news. As long as I have known him for over 25 years he has always called himself a right of centre conservative.

What bothered me most was his jab at Mr. Elley for being a Baptist pastor as this somehow discredited his take on Prime Minister Harper and his view of the Conservative government’s fiscal management. But it seems to be fashionable to attack Christians these days! By the way, that icon of the left, Tommy Douglas, was also a Baptist pastor. Are his views also suspect and discredited by P. Wardell? I doubt it! And just to close, I know personally that he is not a supporter of Christy Clark, having been the campaign manager for John Sherry, the BC Conservative candidate in our riding in the last election. In that Mr. Elley was just being true to his convictions! Hardly something to disparage in this day and age!

Betty Bond Crofton