Enbridge opponents ignoring the facts

Duncan – Totally agree with your analysis of the political picture, post Northern Gateway announcement.

Both Messrs. Trudeau and Mulcair have joined the rhetorical bandwagon of the dissidents to this project without consideration either to the facts or the consequences to Canada.

Both sides have made mistakes. Enbridge have been complacent. They appear to have assumed that the dissidents would relate and interpret the legal facts in a responsible manner.

The environmentalists have, of course, failed to do this and have distorted the situation in an attempt to argue their position.

They have ignored the 26 aboriginal groups that have already approved the project. Also ignored is the stated legal decision of the Supreme Court which states that the right to be consulted does not give anyone a veto on a project.

Unfortunately, description of the law has been replaced with advocacy of a position.

Human nature being what it is, this has probably led to an increase in the support against the project.

We always side with a group that appears to be having their rights stripped away. Which is not the case with Northern Gateway.

None of the groups who are against this project have spoken about the numerous derailments of rail cars carrying oil.

Why? They state that an accident may affect the coastline.

Whilst ignoring all other forms of potential shipping accidents. However we may never have a shipping accident or a pipeline spill. No one can prove a negative, so we will no doubt continue to hear this unprovable rhetoric.

As of 2006 Canada had 74,980 kilometres of pipeline. These pipes produce little or no greenhouse gases. Unlike transportation via road or rail. Methinks they doth protest too much.

Ian Kimm