Environment Minister not interested in protecting us

Shawnigan Lake – Mary Polak and the BC Liberals are destroying B.C.’s future one lake at a time.

It is appalling that my community of Shawnigan Lake must defend itself, like so many others, against not only a corporation like South Island Aggregates (Mike Kelly and Marty Block) but from the BC Liberals who have been elected to protect and lead our province.

I hope the citizens of Victoria realize that Sooke Lake will face the same dismal fate as Shawnigan and there will be no clean fresh water on southern Vancouver Island if we let SIA and the BC Liberals bully us.

The “science” Mary Polak continues to speak of states the plastic bag liner that

will contain the poisons of the contaminated soil will have a life span of 35 years. Then what Miss Polak?

How did Mary Polak become the Environment Minister? She clearly has zero knowledge of anything environmental and has zero intensions of protecting it. Is this the person/party we want leading us? History will show this for what it truly is; the greed of a few in power over the health and prosperity of the people they were elected to protect and lead.

Shawnigan Lake, like many communities across B.C. will stand united, on Parliament lawns, in your offices and in front of gravel trucks, until this madness comes to an end.

David Procter

Shawnigan Lake