Environmental leadership needed from senior government

Chemainus – Letter writer Glenn White gives an interesting and respectful commentary, pointing out quite correctly, that many Canadians are out of step with environmentalists on a number of fronts. It is indeed true that many people either do not fully understand the climate crisis or remain in denial about it.

It is also true that their lifestyle choices, buying large gas- guzzling vehicles for example, are symptomatic of the dilemma they are facing. It is also likely that rather than take action on an individual basis, which requires thinking and courage of an unusual kind, they prefer, understandably, to wait for the leadership that has been slow in coming from senior levels of government. Until this leadership is forthcoming many people will continue to carry on as usual, hoping for the best until the situation becomes even more critical and we will all have to deal with the inevitable consequences of denial and delay.

Tom Masters Chemainus