Facebook page can help you find the best lights in Cowichan

That was the inspiration for Storie’s creation of the “Crazy House Lights in Duncan” Facebook page

A few years ago, on what she called a “grey day,” Caroline Storie was out for a walk on a cold winter’s eve. She turned a corner and discovered the incredible way some of her neighbours were celebrating the holiday season.

“The road was alight with amazing lights,” Storie recalls.

That was the inspiration for Storie’s creation of the “Crazy House Lights in Duncan” Facebook page, the preeminent source for finding the best Christmas light displays in the Cowichan Valley.

The page has been in operation for three years now, and currently boasts 1,265 likes.

“It seemed like a really nice thing to do,” she says of beginning the page. “I really didn’t expect it to get as crazy as it did. It really snowballed from there.”

Storie didn’t grow up in Canada, so she wasn’t used to the displays that are a tradition here.

“I’m from the U.K., and we don’t really decorate in the same way,” she says. I think someone must have moved there from North America, because we had one person in town who decorated like that. He was the crazy person in town.”

Storie is blown away by the work some people put into their light exhibits.

“I can’t believe the effort some people go to,” she says. “And something I’ve learned through doing the page is how thrilled people are to do it. I think most of them do it for themselves, but they appreciate the comments that people leave and that people enjoy what they’re doing.”

Storie runs the Facebook page, and has a friend who helps map where the best light shows are.

She won’t reveal which ones are her favourites. “I’m not going to go there,” she says.

To find Storie’s page, look up “Crazy House Lights in Duncan” on Facebook or visit www.crazyhouselights.com