Feb. 10 plowing wasn’t worth N. Cowichan taxpayer dollars

Chemainus – Re: Monday snow plowing waste of money, Citizen, Feb. 14

From Ken Sauchuk’s letter regarding snow plowing in Cow Bay on Feb. 10. I guess I was not the only one wondering why we were no doubt paying plow drivers double time at least to plow snow on our streets in Chemainus and presumably the rest of North Cowichan.

North Cowichan had brined the road twice in the previous week and it was already raining before the plow went by my home.

My driveway, too, was clear before he came by. The temperature was well above freezing and topped out a 7 C at my front door that afternoon. It only went to 3 C overnight Monday and the last vestiges – from the plow – were gone by noon Tuesday.

It would seem the CVRD is not the only one spending tax dollars for no purpose.

Alex Currie