Ferries need to be part of Highways Department

Saltspring Island – It appears that Premier Christy Clark and Transportation Minister Todd Stone do not consider Vancouver Island, Haida Gwaii, the Gulf Islands and all the other coastal communities that are ferry dependent as part of this province.

Perhaps it is time for residents of the affected communities to withhold their property land taxes until the government reconsiders their stand on cutbacks in schedules and exorbitant ferry fares.

We must have the ferry system changed back to again be a part of the Ministry of Highways.

All the services must be restored to the previous position as it was before it was privatized by former Premier Gordon Campbell.

Is the current Liberal government influenced by the fact that most of these areas are represented by NDP MLAs? Are we all being punished? There are many Liberal voters here who are also suffering. Perhaps the present government would choose to give these constituents some nice, easy, high-paying, pork barrel jobs as consolation gifts.

Our ferries are a part of our highway system.

Robert Tara

Saltspring Island