Ferry changes target baby boomers

North Cowichan – This is my take on the elimination of senior discounts on the ferries: There is no way the powers that be would allow baby boomers’ wallets to escape their greedy little hands, because they’re partially privatized and becoming more so exponentially. Baby boomers are the largest senior demographic in history, that we know. The boomer generation is huge compared to previous senior numbers.

Board members focused on the economic loss while ignoring the discount’s original purpose, to show economic compassion for seniors. It isn’t a stretch to imagine board members saying, “We can’t let the boomer market escape us. They’re a cash cow.”

During discount days, until it is eliminated, you’ll find the ferries resemble floating senior centres, not an unpleasant experience. It appears those days will soon be gone, which is a travesty. Austerity is a proven failed practice by governments.

Further, using this practice to gouge seniors in a particular generation is reprehensible. Can the B.C. and Harper governments create worse memories of their tenure? They simply view compassionate policies as unaffordable. I think we can’t afford not to be compassionate wherever and whenever it can be done, especially seniors.

Geez, if they’ve made it this far, they deserve some respect through dignified policies.

Daniel Ferreira

North Cowichan