Ferry closure needs better signage

Mill Bay – Dear BC Ferries: We presently enjoy some visitors from overseas and wanted to show them Butchart Gardens; driving through Mill Bay to take the Brentwood ferry. Surprise! The ferry does not run.

Okay, sometimes there is maintenance but I find it pretty cheap to only have a small sign at the bottom of the road at the barrier; so we had to turn around.

Too expensive to put a large sign at the turnoff, or even at the highway? I don’t call that customer service.

On the other side pretty well the same thing.

My passenger noticed the puny sign you put up that the ferry is out-of-service, I missed it, paying attention to the traffic. Maybe you should start a collection to have better signage, or ask Mr. Corrigan to donate a few bucks out of his half-million dollar salary.

Wolfgang Lehwald

Mill Bay