Ferry fares out of whack

Duncan – A copy of a letter to BC Ferries Sir or Madam – can you please explain something to me?

A 42 foot motorhome, or 42 foot truck and trailer, travelling from Duke Point to Tsawwassen, with two people costs $219.95.

This vehicle takes up the same space as two 20 footers with two feet between their bumpers. A 20 foot vehicle with one person costs $69.50. Therefore, two vehicles 20 feet long, with one person in each, (and two feet between them), costs $139 per trip. The longer vehicle costs $80.95 more per trip.

That’s 58.2 per cent more than two shorter ones covering the same deck space.

I thought that maybe your excess fare for the motor home

were some kind of luxury tax, but, no, that can’t be the answer, because the rate is even higher for commercial vehicles. (42 foot – $256.20) Maybe it’s simply a tax (or punishment) for people living somewhere that consistently refuses to elect provincial Liberals? I think this is a valid question because virtually every single area hit by increased fares, and/or service cuts, is in an NDP riding.

P. Wardell Duncan