Final steps in progress to bring truck wash to dusty Youbou

A long-awaited truck wash for Youbou that residents are counting on to bring down the choking level of dust and mud kicked up by logging trucks moving through the community is having the last few legal details ironed out before its installation, said Area I Director Pat Weaver.

She urges residents to sit tight just a bit longer.

"They’ve been trying to be patient, I know they are," Weaver said. "It’s horrendous conditions when the sun shines or when it rains because they’ve either got the mud to deal with or the dust and it’s terrible, it’s absolutely terrible."

Several recent emails to the Citizen from Youbou residents have expressed frustration that the facility, which had been expected to be in place by now, is still pending.

The site for the truck wash has been chosen, Weaver said, and as it is mostly on Timberwest land the zoning is already in place.

The holdup, she said, is that a small part of the proposed entry to the new facility would pass through property owned by Youbou Lands, and an agreement between Timberwest and Youbou Lands is still in the works.

"They’re making sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed," said Weaver.

The truck wash facility itself should get up and running quickly once this is taken care of, Weaver said. The structure has been imported from Germany and it’s just a matter of putting the pieces together, which should take about two weeks.

"I will be so, so happy when it’s here and operating," she said.

Once in, the was station should be able to give each truck a bath in about two to three minutes, Weaver said, before it hits the streets of town.