Former trustees deserve some respect

Shawnigan Lake – A deal has been reached between the BCTF and our Liberal government. Awesome. I can’t help but continue to feel more than a little frustrated, though, and I’ll tell you why; in May of 2012, our local elected school board trustees, in advocating for our public schools and our teachers, refused to submit a balanced budget, even though they were well aware that they would lose their jobs if they did not comply.

How were they, with such an incredible lack of funding, to find a way to balance the budget?

They couldn’t.

And so, they all lost their jobs, and “we” got Mike McKay (appointed by our Liberal government education minister). We have now lost our middle school. We also pay for school buses. All in the name of balancing a budget (unattainable at that). Forego a quality education, but ensure a balanced budget. These people were advocating on our behalf two years ago.

In light of today’s announcement, I feel compelled to thank these people. How sad that they opted to be thrown under the bus for all of our children, teachers and public schools, just to stand by their convictions. Honorable really, don’t you think?

Jennifer Rattray

Shawnigan Lake