Get hit jaywalking? It’s your own fault

Duncan – Re: Changes debated for deadly corridor Having recently celebrated my 65th birthday, I have now officially attained grumpy old man status. As my first act of GOM-hood I feel compelled to comment on the story suggesting that Duncan consider signage, fences and barriers to impede jaywalking across the TCH as it passes through town.

Leaving aside the expense, the futility and the ugliness of all three ideas for the moment, let’s talk about an old concept called personal responsibility.

Throughout the length of the route through Duncan are numerous traffic light-controlled intersections offering pedestrians a safe way to cross “the notorious/deadly corridor”. (Whoever came up with that gem has obviously never driven in Europe or Thailand.) Everyone knows that jaywalking is illegal. Everyone knows that there is a risk involved with doing it. Make this really simple: if you jaywalk and get hit, it’s your own damn fault. As the Eagles sang in Get Over It: I turn on the tube/And what do I see/A whole lotta people cryin’ don’t blame me/victim of this/victim of that Or as another person (probably a fellow GOM) once commented: “there ain’t no cure for stupid.”

Preston Davies