Glenora Farm applauds Rock of the Woods

Glenora Farm – When Glenora Farm (a residential community for people with special needs and their caregivers) hosted the “Rock of the Woods” festival in 2012, all residents and neighbours were very impressed with the amount of energy Dave Bain and his team put into meeting all our concerns and wishes about safety, volume and other issues. The crew did a wonderful job of setting up the festival, running it for three days without incidents, and tidying up the grounds afterwards. Their dedication to making everybody involved feel good about the event deserves applause.

An essential part of ROTW’s allure is its setting out in the country. With an attendance of 500 people, it is not comparable to Sunfest (attendance in 2012: 13,000), and ROTW would lose a lot of its character and atmosphere in a setting like the Cowichan Exhibition grounds. We very much enjoyed these joyful, colourful and peaceful days in July 2012 and wish Dave Bain and his team all the best in establishing this festival in and for the Cowichan Valley!

Markus Heinz

Glenora Farm