Greens an exception to party politics

Maple Bay – Re: Think, research before vote John A. McDonald states in his letter, “When a member (of Parliament) is declared (winner of an election), they will cease to represent you; they will do as their party directs and the electorate will no longer count.” This is only partially true. The Green Party is an exception.

Green Party MPs and MLAs are responsible to represent their constituents, not their party leader. They can’t be told by the party what to say or do or how to vote.

Ideologies don’t work, whether right or left, as history bears witness with tragic eloquence. So the Green Party is neither left nor right, but rather, both. Instead, the Green Party is based on six core principles: grassroots democracy, social justice, economic sustainability, ecological wisdom, non-violence and respect for diversity.

It’s a new kind of politics.

Cynthia Montgomery

Maple Bay