Group protesting BC Ferries changes starts ‘Hunger Strike’

A group out of Gibsons calling itself launched a campaign Monday to try to hit BC Ferries "where it counts, at the till."

The BC Ferries Hunger Strike asks ferry riders not to purchase any food on board Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in protest of sailing cuts and fare increases they say are starving ferry-dependent communities. organizer Stephanie Clarke says the letters, meetings and protests so far have been great, "However, we are still weak in the eyes of the political powers that be about ferry reform because we are not visible enough every day."

"We are not organized anywhere close to the extent we should be to be effective and to apply pressure," Clarke said. "This is hurting us. We aren’t utilizing social media in a way that could dramatically widen our reach and increase our political potential."

She urges everyone to like the Ferryhostage and Fiscal Fairness Facebook pages in a show of support, as well as This is a step towards getting organized, she said.

"We could make some significant headway if we all did this with enough zero’s attached to it," Clarke said.