Haggis heads for the kitchen [video]

It was the biggest haggis anyone had ever seen!

The Cowichan Pipers and Drummers Society kicked off its 15th annual Robbie Burns dinner in style Saturday, Jan. 25.

Frank Nichol, who recited the famous Address to a Haggis, a poem written by Burns, whose poetry in the highland dialect has earned him the title Bard of Scotland, actually stopped proceedings to let everyone with a camera come up and take a picture of the enormous puddin’, the rightful star of the evening.

Pipers Gord Pollock and Dave Hjalmarson escorted Haggis Bearer Dave Urquhart, Whisky Bearer Allie Evans and Sword Bearer Bob Smith to the front of the Silver Bridge banquet room where Nichol was waiting.

He played his part well, brandishing his knife high before plunging it puddingward and then ripping the huge haggis open with his bare hands, releasing a delicious aroma and whetting everyone’s appetites for the upcoming traditional meal, which is followed by Scottish entertainment.

A special presentation, of a ceremonial whisky quaich, was made to Pipe Major Gord Pollock for his hard work on behalf of the pipe and drum band.

Pipers president Derek Crawford also announced that the group will be traveling to China in 2015 and urged everyone to support the group’s various fundraising activities as these help ensure that everyone will be able to go.