Harper has turned Canada into an embarrassment

Mill Bay – The Conservative Party is the most responsible party in continuing to oversee Canada’s C02 emissions, Martin Baker says. He’s joking, right?

The Conservatives have held the reins of power for three terms now.

And under the Harper watch Canada has turned into an embarrassment for our lack of caring or participating on the world stage with dealing with climate change or our C02 emissions. Never meeting targets. In fact Canada’s record has gotten worse under the Harper Conservatives.

The Globe and Mail wrote that under Stephen Harper, Canada couldn’t even meet its “unambitious emissions target and was almost the worst of any industrial advanced country.” Harper has protected corporate polluters, gotten rid of scientists and waged war on the environmental movement. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

Obviously Canada has not solved the problem, Barker says.

Under Harper they haven’t even tried.

Letting the oil industry be its own oversight?

Even Alberta has shown they are not fooled by the Conservatives anymore. Time for a real honest change.

D’Arcy Rattray

Mill Bay