Has science proven humans causing change?

Chemainus – In reference to your July 1 editorial I would like to offer a few comments. As a geologist I am well aware of climate change; some sections of the earth were bound in ice ages even as late as early detectable human activity. Water was locked up in ice and ocean levels were much lower than we see today. Europe experienced a mini ice age in medieval times. There is no doubt that climate continues to evolve and I am glad that our section of the world is warming rather than cooling.

What about influence of the human activity? You point to the undeniable increase in population and changes that we are making to the planet. We can all observe the resulting pollution of the air and water. However your editorial does not cite scientific evidence to link our activities to climate change. Indeed there are many scientists, including the Danish professor and researcher Bjorn Lomborg (one of “The 10 Most-Respected Global Warming Skeptics”) that postulate that sunspots and solar winds play a significant role in climate change.

All things considered, has the scientific community proven beyond a reasonable doubt that human activity is the substantial cause of climate change?

Don Graham