Heart attack in hindsight

Duncan – I want to share my grief in a positive manner so no other parent will have to go through the hurt of losing a son or father.

Dwayne had suffered for almost a year with heartburn and intolerance to some foods. His energy level was decreasing – must be the flu. Next came his inability to get more than four hours sleep a night.

He started suffering headaches that Aspirin did not help.

The pain then was in his shoulder, but he did heavy maintenance work so blamed it on a pulled muscle.

Again, “no”, he would not go to a doctor. He’d had cortisone in a knee, he sure was not having it in his shoulder.

The last several months he lost weight, couldn’t sleep, was in constant pain and decreasing energy.

Finally went to the doctor, but never went back for the tests. He looked terrible Thursday, April 2, but still, no way he’d go to the doctor.

April 3 he died in his sleep. Massive heart attack. Please note the symptoms we all know: heartburn, loss of weight, lack of energy, headaches, tremendous pain, pain in shoulder, heredity (two grandfathers and father all died of heart problems), high blood pressure and denial (the big one).

Please do not ignore these symptoms or refuse help from family, friends or doctos.

He was 54 years old. This could have been prevented but only by him. He made the wrong choices. Now the families grieve.

Please be aware and get medical help. He now has no pain, but we do not have him.

Shirley Berg