Hockey is out of whack

Shawnigan Lake – First some questions and answers:

1.) Who scores the goals? Answer: the players

2.) Who coaches the players BUT does NOT score any goals? Answer: simple, the coach!

3.) As I understand it, who trades and secures players? Answer: the GM.

4.) With whom then should the fault lie? Answer: the GM.

5.) Comment: why trade the coach and players? Get rid of the GM.

6.) Who gets to fire the GM? Presumably the owners. Who are they?

7.) Owners, really do they care as long as the house is full? Answer: don’t think so.

8.) Salaries, simply put, OUTRAGEOUS! And, talk about bringing in foreign workers!

9.) Salaries – a coach tells players what to do and the players get more money than he does? Something wrong there?

In conclusion, the game of the year “might” be the Canucks vs. the Canadian women’s hockey team, and I’ll take the latter, because they simply play to win. No GM had any say in their structure and the salary cap is much cheaper.

Finally, watch curling. Much more competitive and no fights! Spectator tickets NOT required and free parking. That is a deal! And it requires a great deal more expertise.

Reg Blackmore

Shawnigan Lake