Hold referendum on old Saltair school purchase

Saltair – I understand why the public has such disdain for our politicians at the regional level. On June 10, 2014 my wife and I, along with approximately 100 residents attended a public meeting at the old Mt. Brenton School in Saltair, regarding the purchase of the school and the five and a half surrounding acres.

As the meeting progressed, it became apparent that the meeting was a just a formality, as our Area G director finally admitted that he [the CVRD] has the authority to purchase the property without any vote from residents of Saltair, or hold a referendum, and that this proposal would also be voted on by the other area directors along with the CVRD board.

A recreation tax was quietly added to my 2014 property tax notice, and we presume that this would be the money that would be used to fund the school.

This tax will, no doubt, be increased every year to keep the maintenance of the building, and repairs, (and there will be many) up to code.

The school has been vacant for many years, and while there is a day care in operation, one can smell the mould and mildew. The roof leaks, and there are signs that there is water in the crawl space. No thorough inspections have been done on the whole building.

About a quarter of those attending left the meeting after the director stated that it didn’t matter about our opinion, that the purchase of the school and the grounds would go ahead regardless.

We feel, that our democratic rights are being abused and our opinions ignored.

An independent inspection should be done on the whole building and the residents of Saltair should then have a vote on whether the purchase should proceed or not.

Paul and Nadi Bottomley