Home schooling a good alternative for parents

Cowichan Bay – Re: People want education I think the government behind the government is determined to do away with education. As they are bent on eliminating the middle class, education will become redundant. What this shadow government is aiming for is a mass of slaves and a few rich elite. Slaves do not need education. In fact, the more ignorant and uneducated they are, the easier it is to control them.

I lived in a small community that had an emotionally abusive teacher. One year, the parents decided to set up home schooling and avoid her class. A mother offered her home and parents who were available helped watch over the students. It worked very well.

I suggest enrolling children in correspondence school and going this route. With so many of us working shifts and weekends, it should be easy to find homes and parents who are available Monday to Friday to mind the children and help with their learning. Learning does not have to take place in the same home with the same group of adults, every day.

Children do not need school for socialization, they can get that through similar-interest groups and clubs.

I am optimistic that Duncan’s parents can solve this dilemma well.

Gillian Sanders

Cowichan Bay