Honeymoon Bay residents fed up with dirty road

The Cowichan Valley Regional District has taken up the cause of angry Honeymoon Bay residents.

According to Dir. Ian Morrison, they’ve been expressing annoyance about dirt from logging trucks getting onto the main road.

He took his concerns to the electoral area services committee and they agreed to ask CVRD board chair Jon Lefebure to write a letter to the transportation ministry about it.

"I’d equate this to sitting on a powder keg," Morrison said. "We’ve always had that mud and dust issue like they do at Youbou but it’s been getting way worse."

The problem occurs right by the old log sort at the east end of the community, where trucks come off the haul road onto South Shore Road. Dirt and gravel fall off the trucks onto the roadway where they turn.

"The difficulty is that everybody else has to drive through it so everybody is complaining that they have to wash their car virtually every day and when it drops down to freezing, people are complaining that it’s getting to be very slick," Morrison said.

"The mud is made of that fine, fine stuff, too. I have been doing everything that I, as an area director, can do to get the Ministry of Transportation to do what they need to do. But they seem to keep putting it on the shoulders of the forest companies."

Somebody washed the road on Saturday or Sunday but Morrison said that by Tuesday the problem was back.

"I’ve got residents who are angry. They are upset no one seems to want to do anything about it. According to Ministry of Transportation that haul road is a privately owned industrial road so the forest companies that use it are responsible. And that is not just one company anymore. But people are fed up. They want to see some action on this now," he said.