How are young people to get work experience?

Duncan – I am just writing with a beef to many of the local businesses that will not hire youth due to lack of experience. My question to them is how are the young people supposed to gain experience if they can’t get hired anywhere because they have no experience?

My niece went to apply for a job in downtown Duncan and she was told she needs two years experience. She also went through another application process and the last question asked was if she was 17 – all that time going through the process and she can’t apply as she is only 16 but will be 17 in five months. It is sad to see these youth looking for work and can’t find any as they have no experience. And we wonder why there are so many people collecting welfare. We have so many youth looking for work and we are taking in people from other countries to fill these jobs. Feeling a little disgusted in our local businesses right now!

C.L. White