If we don’t act ISIS will be on our doorstep

Duncan – Re: Letter to the editor “Terrorism just the Conservative distraction” The letter writer thinks we shouldn’t be in and can’t win what I assume is a war against ISIS.

I do not think the person understands just how high the stakes are. Why the assumption we can’t win?

Does the writer understand that thousands of women and girls as young as five are being abused daily, sold in slave markets to ISIS fighters?

That any gay people the ISIS fighters find are murdered just for being gay?

The women and girls did nothing to deserve being raped repeatedly.

Their male relatives did nothing to deserve death.

Explain, please, why are we NOT morally obligated to put a stop to mass murder, rape, and slavery?

If the letter writer thinks that ignoring ISIS will make ISIS spare Canada, the writer is dead wrong, not to mention thinking very selfishly.

Just recently an ISIS fighter in France was caught before he could attack a Paris church with AK-47s.

This WILL show up on our doorstep if we do nothing.

Maybe the letter writer’s charities should do something about it?

Also, I don’t recall David Suzuki being punished in any way by anyone, let alone government. I do remember, however, how David Suzuki called for people who disagreed with him on climate change to be thrown in jail.

April J. Gibson