Include cost of dumping in property taxes

Mill Bay – How to stop illegal garbage dumping? While it is regrettable that people are illegally dumping garbage wherever they can hide it, it is understandable. If given the choice to pay for a service or not, many people prefer to opt for not paying. Examples can be found everywhere from illegal downloads of music to garbage dumping.

The solution to the act of illegal dumping is simple, though not popular. Remove the option of not paying for this essential service and include the cost of inclusive, mandatory residential waste removal in property

taxes. If people must pay for and receive waste removal services, the incentive to save a dollar, but dump garbage, is removed.

I am sure others will respond noting the cost of waste removal as a burden, but that is not directly related to the question of how to stop dumping. That is a separate (albeit important) subject. However on the subject of cost, I am not suggesting a bloating of government. The service can be contracted to private industry.

Peter Morris

Mill Bay