Individual politicians must be held to account

Lake Cowichan – When is it enough? Who do we hold to account? Devastating weather around the world. Unprecedented storm systems, hurricanes, tornadoes, never before seen downpours washing away homes, people, whole towns. Extreme cold, extreme heat, ocean acidification. Industrial accidents destroying local habitats, rising ocean levels and human death tolls around the world all because of climate change. A condition we know the cause of and we know the cure for.

When will we, the people who bear the costs of and eventually will be the victims of this phenomena, start to get organized and hold our politicians personally responsible for ignoring science and world opinion and allowing and sometimes encouraging the causes of climate change? We need to start looking at the individual politician and not a vague reference to government as the culprits of the damage being done physically and socially to our planet and its inhabitants. Do we allow members of gangs to get away with crimes or do we hold the gang members accountable? If politicians are protected from prosecution while in cabinet then we should consider the party that they represent.

Is there a lawyer in the house? If elected politicians, by their own admission, represent

their political party and pledge their loyalty to that party why couldn’t we, the people who do not belong to any political party, start class action lawsuits against each of the political parties and their card carrying members in order to recover the cost of damages resulting from climate change? If the party executive and members have failed to hold in check their representatives in parliament and it is those representatives that are being negligent in the fight against climate change and by their policies could be contributing to its causes, are not all the members of the party culpable?

Pat Sullivan

Lake Cowichan