Irresponsible spending from provincial treasury

Cobble Hill – The facts and figures supplied by letter writer Diane Cacciato regarding the discretionary spending by our provincial government were quite revealing. I would like to add a few more items being spent from our provincial treasure by Premier “Affordability” Clark. Take for instance the royalty tax credits being provided to both the oil and gas industry and the mining industry in B.C., both industries receiving lucrative profits.

The gas industry, since 2003, has received over $2 billion in royalty tax credits. Last year in 2013 they received $140 million while Ms. Clark was pretending we had no money in the treasury. The mining industry, who pretend poverty when minerals are at an all time

high, received a paltry $40 million.

Why, Ms. Clark, do you have an “affordability zone” for our children’s education and a spending spree for profitable large corporations? Why are we returning royalties to corporations when that is all we receive in compensation for the loss of our non-renewable resources?

Why is Norway debt free and has a fund totaling $1 trillion from royalties derived from their non-renewable resources? And why does Norway provide free post-secondary education, healthcare and a livable pension for all of their citizens? Our children are the future economy in B.C., well after the gas and mining corporations leave this province depleted and exhausted. Think!

Phil Le Good

Cobble Hill