Justin Trudeau not a serious person

Nairobi, Kenya (Originally Ottawa) – The many reasons why Justin Trudeau will never be Prime Minister (or even leader of the opposition) in 300 words or less.

1. Before winning what was arguably a Liberal safe seat in 2008, Justin never had a real job. It’s not because he’s “young” (in fact he’s middle aged) it’s because he’s not a serious person.

2. He was a terrible MP – fourth worst attendance record in the House of Commons, least spoken member of the Liberal caucus and zero private members bills in five years. Aside from that little boxing match Justin was only known for foot in mouth disease.

3. He has zero substance (a vague commitment to legalize pot and that gimmick about MP expenses don’t count as serious policies), he hasn’t given anyone a reason to vote for him and that will not change in any way.

4. Every single time Canadians get exposure to the real, unscripted Justin Trudeau they walk away disappointed and annoyed. Whenever he makes an effort to sound profound whether it be musings about supporting Quebec sovereignty, analysis of the Boston marathon bombings, his thoughts on Chinese totalitarianism or blaming Canada’s problems on people from Alberta, he only reinforces his reputation as a ninny who’s

famous for being famous.

5. Lastly, Trudeau will be facing off against two serious and intelligent opponents in 2015. Mr.Mulcair has more than proven his worth as leader of the official opposition, Justin Trudeau has yet to even prove himself as a backbench MP.

In response to an earlier editorial in this newspaper, no Justin Trudeau will not become leader of the opposition in 2015 or prime minister in 2019. The novelty of Justin Trudeau is beginning to wear off and Canadians will never vote for someone whom they don’t respect.

Chris Gilmore

Nairobi, Kenya (originally Ottawa)